Mt Martha Winter Challenge


After round 2 28 June, Mornington won the day by 29 shots but are still 67 shots down overall.

Mt Martha Challenge teams 31 May 2024


After the final round Mt Martha increased their lead to 68 shots and for the first time since 2016 have won the trophy.

Winter Challenge 25_08_23

After round 3 Mt Martha added another 37 points to their score to finish 50 points ahead.

Scores to date are:

Mt Martha 358

Mornington 308

3 teams won both games with a total score of 13 shots up:

Martin Cheeseman, Mornington. Ron Turner, Mt Martha and John Foster, Mt Martha.

After counting ends won it was between Martin Cheeseman and John Foster both equal ends.

Next was percentage and John Foster just won. Team photo below:

Winter Challenge Teams 28_July_23

Winter Challenge 30 June 2023

30 June 2023

Only 1 game was played due to rain.

Mt Martha added another 4 points to their score to finish 13 points ahead after 2 matches.

Mt-Martha-Challenge-26 May 2023

Mt-Martha-Challenge-26 Aug 2022 v3

Overall winners over the 4 matches was Mornington with 183 shots up.

Winners in match 4 were Wayne Taylors’ team with 17 shots up over 2 games

Mt-Martha-Challenge-29 July

After 3 matches, Mornington are leading by 177 shots


Mt-Martha-Challenge-27-May v2