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August Newsletter

Hi to everyone, those at home & to those who have travelled to warmer climes. As I write this I am slightly green (envy not illness) in colour. As I am filling in for David while he & Paula are off gallivanting I am writing this newsletter.

Again many things are happening around the club.

Thanks to the members who spent the morning of Friday 15 th July clearing out many areas of the club’s premises. Much was achieved. There is still more rearranging & sorting to come over time. The back storage area was cleared & we are now able to store all the folding tables & many of our spare chairs. This should make it much easier for members when we need to access them for functions etc.

A new disposable gloves dispenser has been installed in the kitchen near the microwave. Any people dealing with food are required to wear gloves. Please ensure that you adhere to this so we are compliant with our food handling requirements.

Greens protection is an ongoing issue. Please ensure that you:

  • Stand on the green & place your bowls from the bank to the green. People dropping their bowls from the bank to the greens surface have created indentations which we are not able to remove.
  • When bowling get down & release your bowl from no higher than 15cm (6 inches).
  • The Committee has appointed some experienced bowlers to advise bowlers on dumping issues.
  • If you know you are struggling with your bowl release from less than 15cm please speak to one our friendly coaches. Please do not be offended if one of our experienced bowlers speaks to you & you are requested to get input from one of our coaches. Our intention is to keep our greens in the best condition we can for as long as possible & everyone bowling for as long as possible.


  • Reminder – MBC Novice competition commences on Sunday 1 st September. For players who joined our club on or after 1 st July 2017 and have not won a club championship. Entries close 28 th August.
  • Regional Cup. Please have your name down by Friday 16 th August. As mentioned in the previous newsletter the competition is a knockout event starting on Saturday 14 th September. It is played over 3 weeks.
  • Quick Chicks’. Ladies only pre-season triples competition. 5 week competition starting Tuesday 17 th September.
  • Again please have your name down by Friday 16 th August.
  • Margaret Grossbard has completed the coaching course. Well done Margaret & welcome to the coaching crew.ha Challenge. The result after 3 rounds is that Mornington is up by 18 points.
  • Next round is Friday 31 August. Please put your name down if you wish to play. Signup sheet is on the whiteboard
  • The club diary is currently with the printer.
  • • Remember that the Pennant (Tuesday & Saturday) lists are up on the pin board out the back by the signup sheets.
  • The start of the Pennant season is not that far away!!!!!
  • 2019/2020 Season Opening day. Saturday 7 th September 2019. For new members who are unaware what the opening day is here’s a quick explanation. It is the ceremonial opening of the bowls season (even though at our club we bowl all year).
    • Club selected triples.
    • Club uniform or whites.
    • Arrive 10.00am for 10.30am. o 10.45 Opening ceremony.
    • Before the first game we will have a spider & a ditch to ditch. Again an explanation for new bowlers, I was one not so long ago & had no idea what to do. A spider is where all bowlers have one bowl & stand on the edges of the green. A spider or other object is placed in the middle of the green & all bowlers at the same time roll their bowl. It looks like bedlam & it is. The bowler with the bowl closest to the target wins a prize. Ditch to ditch is where all bowlers try to be the one with their bowl closest to the ditch without going in. Again a small prize is on offer.
    • 3 games of 8 ends.
    • BBQ lunch at the end of the first game. BBQ will be supplied by the club.
    • David & Paula will work the BBQ & help with salads etc. Some other helpers will be needed.
  • Friday 20th September – Breakfast bowls. $10 entry. Nominated 2 bowl triples. 2 games of 8 ends.
    9.00am for 10.00am start (finish by 1pm). Bacon & egg roll or sausage & egg roll.
    Sign up by Wednesday 18 th September 5pm. Minimum 12 teams required.

We all benefit from the countless hours put in by the people who volunteer in many different ways to keep our club ticking along. Without the work put in we would not be in the enviable position that we are.

While bowling the other day one of the other bowlers, who is relatively new to the club, commented that the standard of our social bowlers is high.

Well done & happy bowling.

Sue Hale (Vice President Bowls Committee)