Social Bowls

Roll up

Hi Members,

Great News!

Our Club Greens will become available for practice roll-ups from this Saturday 16th May.

We have checked with Mornington Shire Council and have permission to re-open our greens for practice only, in line with Bowls Victoria and Government advice.

As you would realise with the current pandemic, there are a number of restrictions and protocols that we must put in place and follow conscientiously.

We are highly visible to the general public and will be under scrutiny – PLEASE FOLLOW THE PROTOCOLS.

We must keep a list of who attends the club and at what time (arrival and departure times) to assist with contact tracing if required. Our roster sheet does this. The sheets are available for sign-up from tomorrow, Friday 10:00am at the Side entry door.

There are to be no more than 10 members in attendance at the club. (inc garden volunteers etc. who also need to sign up on the roster sheet)

CHECK for 10 members before you enter – from outside the gate.

There is a roster for each day of the week at the side entry door for you to sign up for a practice time (with your own pen).  Please PRINT and be punctual for your allocated time. Sign off when you leave.

Practice roll-ups are allocated one hour. The time of each roll-up is listed on the signup sheet. We have allowed time for you to disinfect equipment at the end of your hour. We have supplied a tray of disinfectant for the washing and rinsing of Mats & Jacks.

These practice roll-ups are only available for our Club financial Members.

You are to roll-up individually unless with a family member. i.e Paula & David can practice together.

No games to take place.

Please do not put your name in subsequent hours as we would like everyone to have an opportunity to use the greens. If there is no member listed for the next hour after you have finished, you may sign in and continue for the next hour.

Please leave the club as soon as you have completed your roll-up. No gatherings.

Do not enter the Clubrooms. Only the toilets will be available, and for hand washing.

(We anticipate that the Men’s toilets may be unavailable if bar renovations are underway inside the clubrooms. If this is the case, then the men will need to share the ladies toilets with respect.)

I’ve listed the basic requirements below in point form.

  1. Practice is limited to 10 people at the venue. (Shire directive)
  2. Ensure you sign up to the roster for your turn.
  3. Bowlers should practice social distancing (1.5 meters apart) at all times.
  4. Please refrain from handling other people’s bowls.
  5. Wash your hands before and after play. (Toilets facilities available)
  6. If you’re feeling unwell then you should not attend the club under any circumstances.
  7. All mats and jacks must be thoroughly cleaned after being used.
  8. Our Club house, indoor sitting areas and change rooms are NOT available.
  9. No spectators are permitted to watch anyone practice until further advice.
  10. Leave the club when you have completed your roll-up.

Until the Victorian Government releases a further update (estimated to be in early June 2020), these measures are for the foreseeable future to keep us safe.

I cannot over stress the importance of all members following the protocols put in place by the Board to follow instructions from the Shire, Government & BV.

This is the first step in our return to bowling.

Cheers and good bowling

David Pumpa

Bowls President.