Mens’ PAIRS 2022

Winners  Bernie O’Connor/ Chad Muir,

Runners Up David Pumpa/ Trevor Roberts

At 10.00 a.m. on Sunday 30th October 2022 the final of the Men’s Pairs between Chad Muir & Bernie O’Connor & David Pumpa & Trevor Roberts commenced play.
The day was sunny & warm with little wind . This was in direct contrast to the day before when Pennant was played in strong winds & heavy rain..
In over 20 years of playing & watching Bowls this game was to prove one of the best games I have ever witnessed.
The majority of the ends played in the first 6 were of outstanding quality & after completion scores were locked at 6 All.
The ebb & flow of great play continued to end 15 when Bernie & Chad held a 1 shot lead.
Each of the 4 players delivered outstanding shots one after the other until with 1 end to play David & Trevor needed 3 shots to tie & force another end.
On the 18th & Final end Bernie with his first 2 shots put both right on or next to the jack & Trev then came in & pinched shot. One after another greatshots were played until David edged out one of the opponents bowl to hold 3 shots , a tiebreaker seemed inevitable.
Chad then stepped onto the mat & under extreme pressure played a hit & stay shot that had just enough momentum to finish 1 down.
David then had 1 last shot to try & win back the 3 shots required to force another end.
His final shot hit the Bowls surrounding the jack but only managed to score 1 shot.
Thus Chad & Bernie won the final 15/13.
I understand that this was 3 years in a row for the winning pair.
Congratulations go to all 4 players for a wonderful & exciting game of bowls over the 3 1/2 hours.
The 30 plus members who attended the game were indeed fortunate.
Our Bowls President John Trewin then presented the prizes to the 4 players & thanked them for an outstanding game played in great spirit & sportsmanship.