Wednesday Twilight Bowls

Wednesday Twilight Competition 2021-2022 draw

Twilight results and Ladder 19 January

Twilight Competition winners 2020-2021

Wednesday Twilight League

Ladder Round 7


Mornington 96

Carrum 82

Karingal 78

Somerville 49

Mornington Civic 42

Chelsea 31


Venues are subject to change depending on COVID restrictions.


Round 1 – 25 November

At Carrum

Chelsea v Karingal
Mornington v Somerville
Carrum v Mornington Civic


Round 2- 2 December

At Mornington 

Mornington Civic v Mornington

Somerville bye

Karingal v Carrum


Round 3- 9 December

At Chelsea

Chelsea v Mornington Civic
Mornington v Carrum
Karingal v Somerville


Round 4- 16 December

At Somerville
Mornington Civic v Somerville
Mornington v Karingal
Carrum v Chelsea


Round 5- 14 January (Thursday)   (Medley Round)

At Karingal

Chelsea v Mornington
Somerville v Carrum
Karingal v Mornington Civic


Round 6- 20 January

At Mornington Civic
Somerville v Mornington
Mornington Civic v Carrum
Karingal v Chelsea


Round 7- 27 January

At Carrum
Mornington v Mornington Civic
Chelsea v Somerville
Carrum v Karingal


Round 8 – 3 February

At Mornington
Carrum v Mornington
Somerville v Karingal
Mornington Civic v Chelsea


Round 9 – 10 February (Medley Round)

At Chelsea
Somerville v Mornington Civic
Karingal v Mornington
Chelsea v Carrum


Round 10- 17 February

At Somerville
Carrum v Somerville
Karingal v Mornington Civic
Mornington v Chelsea

Final (top 2) – 24 February









Dress – club shirt, remainder mufti


Summary of main rules


  1. Two games of eight ends
  2. First named club in the fixture changes rinks at the half time stage
  3. Scoring system – Points for closest bowls – 4,3,2,1. Closest leads bowl scores an extra point. Team with the highest score retains the mat.
  4. If the jack goes out of bounds it is respotted on the side it goes out at the 1.5 metre point.
  5. Match scoring – 2 points for each of the 4 games, and 10 points for the overall winner.
  6. Games start at 6.30 pm.



Please note – additional players can play in the second half. Players can be rotated, and positions can be changed at half time.